Student Variety Sticker Sheets
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Student Variety Sticker Sheets

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8 stickers from a variety of peta2 campaigns. Get some now, and stick them on all your stuff!
"OMG I Just Love These Stickers SO Much!!! They Are So Cool And They Make A Good Point Too,My Favorite Sticker IS Meats Not Green"
"I love these stickers! Super cute, and with a great message :)"
"Very sticky. Good job!"
"these are perfect! a colourful way to spread the message :) thank you so much! "
"Cant say how much i love these!!"
"I love these! I put them all over my school stuff and my classmates have asked me about animal rights issues. A few have gone vegetarian after we talked!"
"How can I get a generic PETA sticker? Do you sell these?"

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