PETA Kids Variety Sticker Sheets
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PETA Kids Variety Sticker Sheets

Suggested Donation: 10 for $2.00

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8 stickers from a variety of PETA Kids campaigns. Get some now, and stick them on all your stuff!
"I really like these stickers but it would have been nice if they'd come with more of the "Meat's Not Green" versions. That's a big issue around here and I'd like to be able to put up more of them."
"i like the chains are for bikes not dogs stickers wish they had a pack of those."
"i like the stickers but if you make a pack of only the im not a nugget stickers i could use that to spread the word "
"Yay! I am going to buy a ton of stickers and cover my guitar <3"
"Five out of five !!! "
"I find these stickers to be fanciful. I put them on my folders for school."

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