No Excuse For Fur Leaflet
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No Excuse For Fur Leaflet

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Animals who are killed for their fur suffer miserable lives and nightmarish deaths, but they don't have to. This leaflet exposes the truth behind every fur coat and collar.
"I love animals and want to help as much as you can and again thanks for being some angels who care for and protect animals from this life very bad "
"FAUX FUR LOOKS JUST AS GOOD!!! Killing of these animals for their beautiful fur is unneccessary && cruel! "
-Malina Irina
"Just looking at this makes me want to cry, it's so sad how cruel people can be when there are tons of alternatives to fur, and yes you are so right Jeszie, Faux Fur is just as beautiful and you can't even tell the difference. Thanks Peta for your efforts to make people aware of the cruelties around us and allowing us to help by spreading the word. "
"the thought of people wearing fur makes me sick."
"No more fur, no more useless cruelty to animals! Thank you PETA, to work on this, we need you in this inhumane world."
-Sylvia Zade-Routier
"My heart goes out to animals. Its so unfair that animals are mistrated and exploited. Thank GOD for PETA!! With educating others, animals will have a chance. "

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