Jesus Loves Me Too Sticker (Chicken)
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Jesus Loves Me Too Sticker (Chicken)

Suggested Donation: 50 for $1.00

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This sticker reminds people that Jesus loves chickens too. Stick it on your binder, locker door, or cell phone, and let everyone know!
"Love it! Haha, I want them to stick up around my school. (:"
"Jesus does love them.. It is sooo cute. How can you eat meat knowin they had a face.. Treasure Gods creatures!"
-Asher :)
"love it"
"That is a great price for 50 cute stickers! Once I get them I'm going to hand them out to people in my neighborhood. "
-Dianan Espiritu
"I love Animals and Peta TOO."
-Madison Neace
"I love animals and PETA :) <3 THEY MEAN THE WORLD TO ME :)"
-Kymbery Fiueroa
"I stuck these on playgrounds all around Australia. The kids love them and they are strong stickers. ;)"

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