Hot Dogs in Cars Leaflet
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Hot Dogs in Cars Leaflet

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Too hot for Spot! When the mercury rises, leave Spot at home.
"Love the fliers, stickers and pamplets. I am proud to be a PETA person!!!"
"I love all the educational books for kids. I sponsor animal education to children and I'm proud to acknowledge peta's efforts & hard work to make this all happen."
"This is a great web sight. I dislike when I see dogs in cars in the summer. I want to do something about it."
"I am also happy to be a PETA person. I love having these plamphlets to leave on cars of the stupid owners for leaving their beloved pets in cars, while they run in for "just one minute". I will wait on a day that it is warm because it is hotter in the car. Place a pamplet on the windshield and if they do not come out within 5 minutes, I go into the store with license number and have them paged to come out to the car to check on their dog. That usually embarresses them. Which they deserve. Hurray for PETA."
-Carol Schupp
"Awww poor Spot"
"I love these pamplets, I met a lady who works in a animal shelter and she was going to dog adoption day at one of the local pet stores and so I gave her some of the leaflets and she was really excited and was going to hand them out from her table to help raise awareness. I also posted them on my apartment information board. Thanks PETA. "
-Michelle Drum

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