Don't Chain Dogs Brochure
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Don't Chain Dogs Brochure

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A chained dog can only watch as life goes by.
"I love it!"
"I would never leave my do outside, even when she's only going to the garden to do her toilet I go with her. True I let her off the lead in the park but I don't leave her there I only let her off to have a run around and explore."
"Dogs all over my neighborhood are chained or at best, ignored in fenced yards for years. I cannot communicate with these people because of differences & threat factors. But I still send anonomus 'Chained Dog' brochures & polite letters in the mail, with no results. How do you communicate to someone that their dog needs attention and/or freedom without offending them? I even bought one abused dog I didn't need just to stop the neglect & abuse! Paid more than any other dog I've ever had. "
-Buddy P.

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