Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide
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Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide

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A guide to cruelty-free shopping.
"I love these little pocket guides. I give them to my friends and leave them as a gift with my favorite vegan cookies at the end of a petsit. I stick them in the frames of cork boards at markets and public areas. I will mail them to friends. I put them inside free magazines, newspapers, i stick them in books at the library. Stocking stuffers, and you can pass them out to trick-or-treaters. They are Great mini gifts. I keep them in my purse just in case"
"Hi ... I wish I could donate monies to your cause, however I am disabled and on a very strict monthly limited income. I would love to promote your cause, so if you ever have extra brochures I would pass them out to my family and friends. thank you."
-Peggie ONeill Baron
"I'm in love with this! I was getting so sick of always researching which make-up brands test on animals and it takes forEVER. this made things soo much easier! :DD"
"I love these booklets! I have previously used them myself, and now I am ordering a bunch of them to hand out to my classmates to compliment the speech I will be giving on the cruelty of animal testing. Thanks PETA!!"

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