Petco Activism Pack

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Petco treats birds, reptiles, fish, and other small animals like inanimate merchandise. They spend hours—sometimes days—in transit from notoriously cruel suppliers, including breeding and distribution mills, and many are wild-caught. The animals end up confined to small tanks and cramped cages, deprived of the opportunity to exhibit natural behavior and often denied even the basic necessities of life.

Click here to urge Petco to stop selling all live animals!

Contents Include:
WEL265  Adoption (Spay and Neuter) Leaflet – 10
WEL280  Buying Animals Red Sticker – 5
WEL279   Petco Betta Fish Leaflet – 10
WEL288  “Shopping at Petco Hurts Animals” Leaflet – 10
WEL285  “Betta Fish Deserve Better” Sticker – 5