New Year, New Vegan Pack

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If you need a reason to celebrate “Veganuary,” we’ve got the one that matters most: animals. January 1 signifies new beginnings—it’s a time for us all to reflect on the past year and commit to making new, positive changes going forward.

It’s your time to shine this Veganuary, and we’re here if you need us. Click here for PETA’s Veganuary cheat sheet.

Contents Include:
VEG658 Restaurant Comment Card – 5
VEG647 “Where Do You Get Your Protein?” Card – 5
VEG667 Injustice Anywhere Leaflet – 5
VEG600 “Think Before You Eat” Leaflet – 5
GEN668 Vegan Power Sticker – 5
VEG298 How to Go Vegan Guide – 2
VEG652 Vegan Baking Cheat Sheet – 2
GEN616 “I Spoke Out for Animals Today” Sticker – 10