Jesus Loves Animals, Too, Kit

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PETA LAMBS’ name is derived from Matthew 25:40, in which Jesus explains, “[W]hatever you do unto the least among my brothers and sisters, you do as unto me.” When we remember that Jesus encouraged kindness to all of God’s creation, our responsibility to animals becomes clear.

Click here for more information on caring for God’s creatures.

Contents of this pack:
VEG650 Christian Vegan Leaflet (5)
GEN671 PETA LAMBS Bookmark (5)
STU206 “Jesus Loves Me, Too” Sticker (Chicken) (15)
STU207 “Jesus Loves Me, Too” Sticker (Elephant) (15)
STU581 “Jesus Loves Me, Too” Sticker (Cow) (15)
STU175 A Cow’s Life Comic Book (2)
VEG264 A Chicken’s Life Comic Book (2)