‘Help End Speciesism’ Home Activism Kit (CAN)

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A pandemic won’t stop PETA activists from being loud for animals! Other animals are the same as humans in all the ways that matter: They can feel love, pain, fear, and joy, and their will to live is just as strong as ours. We need to encourage everyone to stop viewing sentient beings as things to experiment on, consume, wear, or use for any other reason. Speak out for animals as if your life depended on it—because it does.

Contents of this Pack:
VEG671 Meat Warning Stickers (20)
VEG298 How To Go Vegan Guide (10)
VEG297 Vegan Starter Kit (10)
GEN650 End Speciesism Sticker (1)
GEN639 Action Team Business Card (5)
“Eating Animals. Pandemics Come From Eating Meat” Red Sticker – (8)
GEN613A General Sticker Sheet (1)
GEN613B General Sticker Sheet (1)

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