SeaWorld Leaflet
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SeaWorld Leaflet

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At SeaWorld, marine mammals have no choice but to swim in endless circles inside tiny tanks, which, to them, are the equivalent of a bathtub. This 5.5-inch-by-8.5-inch full-color leaflet explains why people, including celebrities, teachers, and parents, are turning their backs on SeaWorld over its refusal to free the intelligent orcas it keeps confined to chlorinated prisons.
"I am so happy to see PETA coming along in the evolution where animals will be treated without torture and loved just as all human beings should have the chance to live as such. Without the people who committed to starting PETA, organizing and devoting their lives to the conviction of true living in accord with the workings of the earth left alone by brutal human impact, we would not make much progress at all and the uncaring, thoughtless business as usual grubbing for dollars with noodles for brains and steel for cold, dead hearts would triumph with no one intelligent or good willed enough to stop them. Thank you everyone at PETA and going in the direction where we will live in harmony with all sentient beings and cruelty of all kinds shall be a past historical memory that we learned from to evolve into how we should truly be living as peaceful and loving creatures blessed by the food of the trees and ground we made not, paid not and yet helps us grow, enjoy, commune and share."
"Awesome information ! "
-Mary Robertson

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