Pride Pack
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Pride Pack

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For vegan people nestled under the LGBTQIA umbrella, “coming out” conversations are a part of life—whether they’re about who we love or what we eat. Our own struggles as queer vegans can make it easier to empathize with those who are stigmatized or marginalized. Many of us have also learned that we may have to seek out or even create a community when it doesn’t already exist around us. This Pride month—and always—be loud.

Contents of this Pack: Gen653: Come Out For Animals Pride Wristband - (1), GEN630: Come Out For Animals Pride Stkr - (5), GEN620: I Heart PETA Pride Sticker - (5), GEN629: Rights For All Pride Sticker - (5), VEG655: I Heart Vegan Sausage Pride Sticker - (5), VEG656: I Heart Vegan Tacos Pride Sticker - (5), VEG714: Tofu Pandemic Poster 8.5x11 - (1), VEG298: How To Go Vegan Guide - (5)
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