Vegan Starter Kit
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Vegan Starter Kit

Suggested Donation: 20 for $5.00

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Everything you need to eat right for animals, the Earth, and your health.

Your kind donation helps us with printing and shipping costs. Click here for a free Vegetarian Starter Kit. Limit one per address.

"The vegetarian/vegan starter kit has not come through the printer yet,just 2 pages asking me to write a review????? I have already sent my donation as I normally do in the mail. If you sent a donation through the mail, you will receive the vegetarian starter kit through the mail. You do not print out the kit from Thanks for your support!"
-Muriel McPherson
"This is a great product, I just don't see why you NEED to pay for it, there should be voluntary donations. We are trying to help the world aren't we? Make a favor to the world and to animals and download it for free here: Of course, feel free to send PETA donations! :)"
-Fernando Borrase
"Please notice that Peta is not a corporation that makes millions off exploiting you,, there is a required donation and that means you are helping twice as much 1. You are passing or leaving out pamphlets 2. You are helping in the cost of making the pamphlets (believe it or not they do cost $ to make) 3. Look at you you're doing so good you're helping with cost, and passing on the word; give yourself a double pat on the back. Be selfless in your crusade :)"
"Thanks so much for these revealing pamphlets. I leave them everywhere, doctors offices, dentist, any waiting room where people sit and read. Really opens peoples eyes to what is really happening when they eat meat and wear fur and leather! Keep it up!!!"
-Maureen McKelvie
"we will see"
"If you just want one, you can get this for free at or by calling 1 888 VEG FOOD."
"i love this"
"Your donation helps us cover the printing and shipping costs for this item. We appreciate any donation to help us continue offering the Vegetarian Starter Kit. A free, single Vegetarian Starter Kit is available here, Limit one per address. "
"good stuff!!!"
"Love it!!! Am going to purchase some and pass out the kits to my friends, co workers, etc. "
"i think its great.i just bought 50 i will pass them out on monday!!!!!!!!!!!"
"please dont eat meat its killing millions."
"Wonderful. I leave these in people's letterboxes and hand them out to everyone I meet. "
"Peta, thank you for all you do. Please let me know if there is anything we can do to support your cause and passion other than us not eating meat. Your products are awesome. "
"I think my daughter is doing a week of PETA clothing at school, yesterday she wore her yellow elephant "circus is no fun for me" t shirt. Today she wore "zombies shirt, and Peta capri sweats" GO KELLY!"
"The magazine made me go vegetarian! It was horrible to read about how awfully the animals aer treated. It is painful to read but extremely necessary! Ignorance is no excuse!"
"Brilliant starter packs. I buy hundreds of these and pass them out in my city. It gently introduces the meat eating community to animal welfare. "
"I love these, I have to buy more copys, because the one i have gets taken from my by my friends who want to know about being vegetarian. So it is great, I keep a stack at home, and take them with me wheneve i go out to show everyone I know. Thank you PETA for being there!"
"I am in to veg stuff and look forward to tasting your products "
"Thank you does not justifies what you do. You're manifesting one of the attributes of God, which is compassion, on earth. And that's one of the teachings that all the messengers and prophets of God suffered and died to teach us. To do nothing to stop the suffering of the creatures of God, is being against God Himself."
"I love it!! It has a lot of great recipes and i really enjoy the weekly meal plans."
"I love animals too much. I am going vegan & save lives!"
-Rhea Benessa
"Leave them everywhere! Laundromat, Doctors office, Library, Hair salon and Barbershop, Bus Station. If you drive an Uber, leave them in your car for anyone interested. Be creative! Keep them in your car, purse, backpack. People want to know more but they need helping discovering a new way. These kits will help them! (They are expensive to print so Peta needs a small donation. Worth it!)"

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